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Struggling to find ways to bring back the white color to your chompers? Whitening strips and toothpastes can help, but they are not the only options. Certain types of food can assist with preventing and removing stains on your teeth.

Sour apples, grapefruits, or any tart food can help wash away other foodstuffs that can cause staining. The sharper taste leads you to pucker, which produces more saliva. This extra saliva can clear away any leftovers that might dim your otherwise luminescent teeth.

Dairy products introduce lactic acid, which can be really useful for preventing stains and yellowing that occur from the natural decay of the teeth. Yogurt and cheeses are among the best choices for this endeavor. Hard cheeses can be especially beneficial in this case.

Crunchy foods, along the lines of apples and celery, contain malic acid. Malic acid helps make saliva, which as we know helps clear away materials from the teeth. Also, apples and celery have a slightly abrasive texture, which helps rub stains off in a gentle manner.

And finally, pineapples pull their weight in this regard. They contain a protein called bromelain, a major ingredient in whitening toothpastes that aids in removing stains and plaque.

We encourage you to include these items in your diet more often, although not to excess. We do not want you to get bored of eating the same things over and over. Just introducing them here and there can be beneficial as opposed to eating them every day.

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