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Flossing is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. In fact, it’s so important that if you forget to floss, your smile is very vulnerable to gum disease. So, make sure to floss your smile at least once a day along with brushing twice a day and rinsing daily. To help you have a proper flossing technique in Carthage, Missouri, Dr. Michael Woody and our dental team have instructions for you.

First, grab 18 inches of floss out of the dental floss container. When you’re ready, wrap the floss around the middle finger or index finger on both hands. Leave about an inch of floss between the fingers. As you clean your smile, use your index fingers to guide the strand.

Gently send the floss between two teeth. Don’t be forceful because it can injure your gums. Use the floss to scrape the sides of the teeth. When you’re done, send the floss into the gumline to clean the gums and bottom of the tooth. Do this for both teeth.

Then, pull the floss from between the two teeth and then re-wrap the floss around your fingers so you have a clean section for the next gap in your smile. Make sure you clean between every tooth in your mouth.

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