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Teeth whitening is the right step toward the bright and brilliant smile you want. However, there are things about teeth whitening that you might not know. So, before you start your teeth whitening treatment, it’s important to consider some things.

First, remember that some whitening treatments can’t remove every stain. This means if you have stubborn tooth discoloration, regular over-the-counter treatments aren’t likely to remove it. This means regular treatments will likely be a waste of your time. So, remember to consult with Dr. Michael Woody before starting a treatment so you know which one can give you the smile you are looking for.

Second, remember that some dental insurances don’t cover specific whitening treatments. If the treatment is not covered, it can get pretty costly. This is why we encourage you to call your dental insurance company to see if they will cover treatment.

Third, remember that in-office and at-home treatments are different. In-office treatments are quick, can lighten your smile multiple shades, and can remove stubborn stains. At-home treatments can brighten your teeth in your personal bathroom, but it might take some time to reach the smile you want. This treatment is also weak when removing stubborn tooth discoloration.

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